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Used Tires For Lease Return

We specilize in Mercedes-Benz lease return, BMW lease return, Audi lease return, Lexus lease return and all lease turn in

Returning a leased vehicle can be tricky when the dealership inspect and require a certain amount of tread depth on the tires for a lease return to pass inspection.  Furthermore then the dealership wants to charge you $100's or $1000's for NEW oem tires.  This is where we come in and can offer you discounted used tires in the correct size for your vehicle.  What we do is measure the tires we have in stock with a tire tread depth gauge to make sure the used tires will pass inspection. If you need tires for a lease return please call your dealership and have the minimum amount of tread depth required to pass ready for us so we can save you as much money as possible.



USED                                TIRE



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